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WELLS: Working With English Language Learners


The WELLS program is a transition to English program. It can help teachers, dyslexia specialists, special educators and speech and language therapists to provide a systematic and explicit 

approach for teaching English language and literacy skills to Spanish-speaking English 

language learners. The program addresses an evidence-based approach to literacy by including 

the 5 components of literacy.

1. Phonological Awareness
These lessons are designed to address the 22 new sounds of English which are particularly helpful for Spanish-speaking ELs


2. Phonics
Lessons are designed to address the cross-linguistic transfer points between Spanish and English.

3. Fluency
Reading fluency activities are included for Spanish-speaking ELs. Each reading fluency practice begins with a warm-up for reading words, phrases, and sentences. The components of language are woven into the reading fluency lessons.

4. Vocabulary
Vocabulary activities are provided and include words which are similar in English and Spanish. The lessons are designed around thematic units which make it easier for students to learn words.

5. Comprehension
Students have the opportunity to use the WOW program for increasing word and world knowledge, as well as oral language and comprehension skills.


How will a WELLS training benefit me?

Participants in the training program learn the essential components of literacy instruction for English learners. Specific strategies for designing and implementing effective transition lessons which build upon native language literacy skills are included. Participants learn the language and literacy concepts that transfer across languages. During the professional development, educators understand first and second language and literacy development and how to incorporate the WELLS lessons as prescribed.  In addition, cross-linguistic exercises are demonstrated and practiced.  Case studies are reviewed whereby data are analyzed and lessons are designed accordingly. Teachers also receive assessment forms in Spanish and English. This seminar helps instructors to implement appropriate and effective lessons for developing English language and literacy skills among native Spanish- speaking students. Biliteracy is an asset and an achievable goal.



Participants will also receive the first level of the Words of our World (WOW) vocabulary and comprehension kit. The WOW vocabulary program provides instructors with multisensory, systematic and explicit vocabulary instruction of the word parts that transfer across languages. Engaging discovery of the meanings of words and word parts are included, as well as, stories and picture vocabulary cards of the new vocabulary concepts. Sixty percent of the English language is derived from Latin and Spanish-speaking English language learners can benefit from making connections across languages. Vocabulary assessments are also included in order to monitor students' vocabulary knowledge. The WELLS program therefore assists teachers in delivering effective and efficient second language and literacy instruction.

WELLS Program Kit
When you order the WELLS Program Kit it includes a WELLS Manual, an Esperanza Reading Transition Deck,

the WELLS Student Workbook, and the Words of Our World 1 (WOW 1) program. 

Cost $490.00.





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