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Valley Speech Language and Learning Center

serves communities, teachers, and students as a resource for successful academic language and literacy achievement.

Speech Language Pathology Services

Our center is dedicated to providing comprehensive speech and academic language evaluations in addition to empirically validated treatment programs. 


Please call our office if you would like to schedule an appointment for your child.  During this initial phone call we will collect your information and concerns. Please note that we do not accept any form of insurance. 


The evaluation process is conducted in 1-3 sessions.  Once complete, a conference time is determinded to review the results and specific recommendations with the individual and family members.  Subsequently, a meeting at the school is scheduled to coordinate the treatment process.

Professional Development Services

Our center can provide teacher training sessions which address effective language and literacy interventions for English language learners.


We offer trainings for the successful implementation of the Esperanza Program which is a multisensory, structured Spanish language program.


We also provide professional development services for the implementation of the Esperanza program, WELLS (Working with English Language Learners) program, the WOW program (Words of our World) program, and the JELL program (Journey into English Language Literacy).

Parent and Family
Curriculum Design Consulting

Valley Speech offers presentations to parents and families.  These sessions address what every family should know regarding language and literacy development and the unique techniques that can support their loved ones' progress. 

Valley Speech is pleased to offer school districts consultations regarding program design for Reading and Language Arts.  Please contact the center as these services are individualized to meet the school district's specific needs. 

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