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Educational Programs


The Esperanza program is a Spanish multisensory, structured language approach for reading, writing, and spelling. The Esperanza program was first developed in 1996 in order to provide systematic, sequential and explicit approach for teaching Spanish literacy. The program is evidence based and is the only Spanish Orton-Gillingham program in the world.


It  addresses the five components of effective reading instruction identified by the National Reading Panel’s research. Esperanza is designed to be used in early literacy classrooms or as a Tier II or Tier III intervention program for use by classroom teachers, reading specialists or special education teachers with 1st through 3rd grade students as an intervention tool for struggling readers. 




The WELLS program is a transition to English program and is now called WELLS 3 as it is in its 3rd Edition. It can help teachers, dyslexia specialists, special educators, and speech and language therapists to provide a systematic and explicit approach for teaching English language and literacy skills to Spanish-speaking English language learners.  WELLS addresses the five components of literacy and includes the Words of our World (WOW) vocabulary program. 


WELLS helps students apply their Spanish language and literacy knowledge for the development of English literacy.  They have the opportunity to learn English phonological awareness, the six syllable types, and what is similar and different in Spanish and English.  In addition, they can practice building reading fluency and comprehension.  The use of themes and cognates are  included to help build the students’ vocabulary and comprehension.  WELLS lessons are explicit and the approach is multi-sensory and systematic. 

2021 05 04 WELLS 3 image (1).jpg

The Words of our World Program also known as WOW is a vocabulary program designed to enhance and develop vocabulary in English and/or Spanish. WOW has 3 levels and introduces word parts such as prefixes, roots and suffixes which transfer from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. The stories and lessons address Science, Math, and Social Studies concepts.  WOW helps students to develop vocabulary, world knowledge and comprehension skills in 2 languages


The Journey into English Language Literacy program, also known as JELL, provides teachers with oral language and early English literacy lessons. The lessons are especially beneficial for English language learners whose native language is Spanish.  Daily lessons are provided for 32 weeks of instruction. Students will have opportunities to expand their oral language skills and expand their world knowledge.


JELL can be used for oral language development and letter sound correspondences during English as a second language instructional time.

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